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Photo Credit: Hillary Bergshoeff

Photo Credit: Hillary Bergshoeff

How I Work

Creating a unique ceremony for you is a very personal experience! Let me tell you how I work to design a meaningful ceremony that is all about you and celebrates you as a couple.

As soon as we confirm that we are a good fit and we agree to work together, I focus on getting to know you both, your love story and what is important to you for your special day. We do this through a face-to-face meeting, your answers to many questions, email and/or phone conversations.

Images and symbols convey powerful messages. I research various cultural rituals, symbols and traditions that may carry meaning for you and reflect the commitment you are making. Then, in close consultation with you, I develop and write your ceremony to reflect your values, beliefs, traditions, wishes and promise to each other.

We will consider the people who are important to you so your ceremony can be designed to involve and engage them in celebrating your commitment, in the way you wish. If this means working with you to create and hold a bilingual ceremony, in English and another language of your choice, I happily do so.

Your ceremony may be conventional or unconventional in its tone or theme; it may be simple or elaborate; spiritual or civil; non-religious or with religious elements. It may involve children or elders; it may be gender neutral.

I confer with you throughout the process, however often or long it takes. I will continue to develop and revise your ceremony until you are completely happy with the result.

A Day or Three Ahead

I will help prepare the ceremony participants and conduct a rehearsal a few days in advance. I coordinate with others involved in the ceremony such as musicians, photographers, wedding/event planners.

Officiating the Ceremony

On the day, I will ensure all the elements of the ceremony are organized and all participants are ready and on track to achieve as seamless a ceremony as possible.  I will preside at and guide the enactment of the ceremony. I will witness your vows of commitment, sign and register your marriage certificate.

Afterwards, I give you an attractive keepsake copy of your ceremony.

Steps to your Perfect Ceremony

  1. Book a phone appointment either online or by telephone:  I will respond to your request within 48 hours.   
  2. A 15 to 20 minute phone call with one or both of you for exchange of information: I hear your aspirations for your wedding or commitment ceremony. You learn about me, and how I like to work with couples. If we both get a good feeling about the possibility of collaborating on your special day, we book an appointment for a face-to-face meeting.
  3. A no-cost, no-commitment, one-hour in-person meeting between couple and celebrant: I get to know you as a couple. I ask a lot of questions to hear and understand what is important to each of you, and to gather the personal details that will inform your ceremony. You assess if I am the person you would like to be your Celebrant.
  4. Decision to jointly create your ceremony: If we all agree and are excited about working together, we complete and sign-off on a fee and engagement contract that reflects your specific requirements and my promise to you.    
  5. Additional written information from each partner: each of you complete a written questionnaire that includes key basic information and additional details so I can personalize your ceremony and get all the facts right.    
  6. I do whatever research is required to find and select meaningful elements for your unique ceremony: this takes several weeks during which we respond to each others’ questions or concerns  by email and telephone.    
  7. I design and craft your ceremony: I refine and tweak your ceremony until you are happy with it; we confer closely by email, phone or by Skype.
  8. I provide you with the completed ceremony for your approval: you sign-off and relax, knowing the main event is all taken care of. The ceremony rehearsal will help allay any last minute worries about it.
  9. You enjoy your very own one-of-a-kind ceremony: worry-free, you leave it to me to lead and officiate your ceremony on your special day. If it is a marriage, I solemnize it and complete documents as required by the Marriage Act.
  10. After the ceremony is time for reflection and paperwork: You go away with fond memories; I reflect on the privilege I have enjoyed being your Celebrant.  I present you with an attractive keepsake copy of your ceremony. For weddings, I register your marriage so you may be issued a marriage certificate.
Photo Credit: Nicole Gimerez

Photo Credit: Nicole Gimerez


Each wedding, commitment ceremony and renewal of vows is completely unique. Accordingly, the fee for each ceremony reflects the nature of the ceremony you want and I agree to deliver.

I quote your fee after the no obligation face-to-face interview when I have enough information to do so.

The fee quoted will form part of a written contract that will outline our agreement. You have time to consider the fee and important details in the agreement before signing.

Fees for ceremonies typically range from $600 to $1500. Fees for renewal of vows generally begin at $400.

Sixty percent of the fee is payable as a non-refundable deposit upon signing the contract and agreeing to work together. The balance is due prior the ceremony, and may be paid in up to two installments, as agreed.

Payment may be made by e-transfer, cheque or cash.


“Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone – we find it with another.”
Thomas Merton