Remembrance Ceremonies

Memorial Celebration of Life  -  Funeral & Cremation  -  Committal or Scattering

Photo Credit: Jacob Roberts

Photo Credit: Jacob Roberts

Memorial Celebration of Life

A family member or close friend has passed away and you want to honour their life in a special way - one that reflects who that person truly was. You want a beautiful and meaningful, personalized service or ceremony that respects their beliefs and is welcoming and comforting to loved ones and all who attend.

With a ceremony by Sonia Beverley you may choose...

  • a traditional service that is warm and engaging
  • a spiritual ceremony that is not religious
  • an interfaith service
  • a ceremony based on one cultural or many cultural traditions
  • a ceremony based on personal beliefs
  • a celebration held in the location of your choice
Photo Credit: Jacob Roberts

Photo Credit: Jacob Roberts

Funeral and Cremation Service

A family member or close friend has recently passed away. You would like a unique and personal service or last rites to honour them at the funeral or cremation. You are seeking a celebrant who will compassionately and capably assist the family through the process of planning it.

Sonia Beverley will pay tribute to the life that has ended in a unique way that reflects who that person was, and helps family and friends grieve.

Committal or Scattering Ceremony

You want a ceremony to mark your loved one's return to the earth.

Whether it is through burial or a scattering of ashes, in conjunction with a funeral or cremations, or at other time, Sonia Beverley will help you mark this final step with exactly the kind of ceremony you want, in the location of your choice, on land or at sea. She will join with you to plan the perfect rite and coordinate with your funeral director or crematorium.

Talk with Sonia Beverley about the perfect remembrance for your family member or friend.


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