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Workplace Ceremonies

Ceremonies contribute to a company's health and well being by building culture and morale, strengthening team cohesion, meaningful expressing appreciation, and easing difficult times in the workplace.

Sonia Beverley creates ceremonies to mark business accomplishments and key milestones, as well as rituals that contribute to a healthy and successful workplace, for example:

✓ To honour a valued employee or founder

✓ To recognize a team that has achieved exceptional results or an innovation

✓ To celebrate an colleague who is retiring after a long period of service

✓ To celebrate a special company anniversary or achievement

✓ To release or transition from a difficult time and move on with renewed energy

✓ To mark a new beginning, merger or amalgamation

With many decades as an executive leader skilled in people relationships and organizational development, Sonia understands first hand the power of workplace rituals for defining and strengthening organizational culture, building cohesive teams, achieving strategic alignment, and retaining top talent. She develops custom rituals geared to workplace culture, suitable for small to large companies and public agencies.

Credit: NicoleGimenez

Credit: NicoleGimenez

Sonia was the best because...

She did a ceremony that was meaningful to management, staff and customers...

Sonia Beverley conducted a beautiful ceremony for the dedication of our new Memorial Garden at our workplace, to honour those who were no longer with us but contributed so much to our organization during their lifetime, in our work with children, youth and families. Sonia led an all-faith ceremony in front of about 200 guests of all ages in a way that was meaningful to all, regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs. She had a thorough understanding of what we wanted in the dedication and did her homework and research to ensure that she delivered exactly what we asked for. She was in tune with the guests emotionally and was very respectful of the various reasons the guests were there (e.g. as staff of the organization, as a loved one of the person who passed and contributed to our organization, children who requested to participate, etc. Sonia has a commanding spirit about her that makes you want to listen to her yet she has a most gentle presence that can make everyone feel like they belong. Sonia was organized and paid attention to the little details that made a big difference for us. She engaged the guests through various traditions and activities that were respectful to all. Thank you, Sonia for your loving, gentle spirit and bringing meaning to all faiths in our Memorial Garden dedication.              Barbara, Director of Services

Sonia and her team did an amazing job planning and hosting a community event celebrating 150 years of services by a local children's centre. Every detail was meticulously taken care of. The unique touches, including the display of children's art, old photos and someone dressed in attire reminiscent of the 1850's, made this a very memorable occasion for all of us.      An employee


"Many of the things you can count, don't count. Many of the things you can't count, really count."

Albert Einstein


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