End of Life Ceremonies

End of Living Celebrations   -   Remembrance/Memorial Ceremonies


Honouring Life's End

The End of Life is a challenging time that can be both disturbing and beautiful.

We feel the impending or actual loss acutely. We want to honour the life that has been lived respectfully and in a "real" way. Every life has had its proud and dark moments that we remember at the end. It is a time of strong feelings when love, gratitude, sadness, anger and forgiveness may all be expressed. It is a time for gathering to support each other in grieving. 

A ceremony is  a meaningful and effective way to commemorate a life that will soon end or has already ended, and help us deal with the loss.

Sonia Beverley offers

End of Living Celebrations    -    Remembrance Ceremonies

End of Living Celebration

✓ You would like to celebrate your life's journey or that of a loved one who is close to the end.

✓You'd like a celebration that genuinely showcases the meaning of the life lived, however long or short, public or private it has been.

✓You or your loved one would like to participate in a living celebration of your or their life.

Remembrance Ceremony

✓ You are organizing a memorial or celebration of life service for a family member of friend who has passed away.

✓ You want to pay tribute to that person's life in a real and respectful way, that helps family and friends through this difficult transition.

✓ You'd  like a non-religious, interfaith or multicultural ceremony or service.

✓ You would like a celebrant who handles difficult or sensitive circumstances in an empathetic, competent and professional manner.

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"The end of a melody is not its goal: but nonetheless, had the melody not reached its end, it would not have reached its goal either. A parable." 

Friedrich Nietzsche

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