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A ceremony is a beautiful way of marking the importance of a key event or milestone in our personal lives. Celebrations, mindfully done with ceremonies or symbolic elements, touch our hearts and live on in our memories in a special way. Ceremony is central to human existence having been part of every society since the beginning of time.

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Consider a ceremony

designed especially for you, your family or a friend to:


✓ Pay tribute to a major step on the journey of Life!               Birth  -  Adoption  -  Coming of Age  -  Retirement  -  End of Life

✓ Mark a significant tradition or new direction in life!              Marriage*  -  Divorce  -  Healing  -  Name Change  -  Identity Affirmation             

✓ Commemorate a recent or past achievement!                      Graduation  -  Award  -  Personal Best

✓Celebrate a new life, continuing life, or life soon to end!      Baby Naming  -  Child Welcoming-  Special Birthday  -  Ending Life                                                                                                                                      

For a special time in a person's or family's life that deserves it, hold a ceremony!

Sonia Beverley will help you make it extraordinary!

Sonia Beverley will expertly create and officiate a personal ceremony or ritual for people of any culture, belief or faith, and lifestyle.  She does not bring her own beliefs into your ceremony. She works in any location. Her only purpose is to celebrate you and honour life!

* For a wedding, commitment or vow renewal ceremony, please click here.

Family Ceremonies

A family may choose to mark any event with a ceremony - you decide what is important to commemorate or celebrate. Sonia will help you develop the perfect celebration. She will design one just for you or consult to help you do so for yourself. Your ceremony may be relaxed and fun, quiet and meditative, formal and traditional, private or public. It may even take the form of an active adventure. It will be suitable for family members of all ages and abilities.

Popular family ceremonies include:

  • Baby Naming and/or Blessing
  • Child Welcome - at Birth or Adoption
  • Coming of Age
  • Leaving Home
  • Joining of Families
  • Pet Ceremonies
  • Celebrations of Life

Ceremonies for Individuals

The journey of life is long and challenging. Celebrations are a great way of paying tribute to accomplishments, expressing gratitude, and noting important transitions. Personal ceremonies may honour our resilience, joyfully mark a transformation or the end of a trying time, and help us cope by giving a "high five" or a boost to keep going.

Sonia Beverley offered personalized ceremonies for:

  • Special Birthdays
  • Retirement
  • Divorce
  • Name Change & Identity Affirmation
  • Healing
  • End of Living or Celebration of Living

Why a Ceremony by Sonia Beverley? 

In our world today, more people than before are not religious. Many are spiritual but not members of a church community. Others have interfaith and multicultural families who want to respect all backgrounds and beliefs at family events. If you are one of those people, you can have your baby blessed or plan a family event, wedding or funeral at which everyone will be comfortable.

Sonia Beverley is the modern family's personal celebrant and officiant! 

As a Certified Life-cycle Celebrant™, Sonia Beverley is well versed in ceremony and ritual traditions of various cultures and faiths, and is skilled at blending these or designing unique rites in a manner that is respectful of these traditions. She will create a personalized ceremony or ritual that is just right for you, your family and friends - and for ANY occasion.


“Ceremony is as old as the hills, as fresh as the rain. Each and every time, it can take our breath away. Time stands still and we are transformed.”
Abigail Fisher

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