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Life Tribute and Eulogy Writing

Everyone has a story. Every life has had its fair share of drama, adventure, and hum-drum ordinariness. In celebrating the life of a loved one, friend or colleague, bring their story to life through the heartfelt writing of Sonia Beverley. She will capture the personality and set the desired tone through her writing, making it easy for the story to be told. A heartfelt life tribute or eulogy by Sonia Beverley will engage the guests at this celebration of life. Sonia will even coach you or someone else in telling the story or delivering the eulogy.

Custom Rituals

You understand the magic of ritual and profound impact rituals can have. You would like a special ritual created for an important event or transition in your life, one with symbols that are meaning to you and involved the people important to you. You know not all rituals are meaningful and would like this one to be well done and impactful. Sonia Beverley, a specialist in ceremony and ritual, will create entirely original ritual for you that incorporates the words, artifact, symbols and actions that are meaningful to you.

Ceremony Creation

Sonia Beverley will create a unique ceremony that is all about the person whose life is being honoured. She focuses on getting to know his or her story, significant relationships, personality, and all that is important for a true life tribute. To become familiar with all aspects of the person's life, she meets with and listens carefully to family, friends and coworkers.

Images and symbols convey powerful messages. Sonia Beverley considers, and researches if necessary, cultural rituals, symbols and traditions that may be meaningful. Then, in close consultation with key family and friends, she develops and writes the ceremony considering  circumstances, values, beliefs, traditions, wishes.

Sonia Beverley considers the community and individuals to involve and engage in the ceremony. If this means working with you to create and hold a bilingual ceremony, in English and another language, she happily does so.

The ceremony may be conventional or unconventional in its tone or theme; it may be simple or elaborate; spiritual or civil; non-religious or with religious elements. It may involve children or elders; it may be gender neutral.

Sonia Beverley confers with a trusted representative throughout the process.She will continue to develop and revise the ceremony until that person is completely happy with the result. You may also consider having her officiate your ceremony.

“The picture alone, without the written word, leaves half the story untold."
James Lafferty

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