End of Living Celebration

Celebration of Living

You recognize that your days in your physical form, or that of a loved one, are drawing to a close either due to illness or aging.

As you reflect on the meaning of your or your loved one's life, you see there is reason to pay tribute to the life lived. There are accomplishments to celebrate and character building challenges to be grateful for. Perhaps there are missed opportunities to release and mistakes to forgive.

Sonia Beverley will help you have a ceremony that is just right for everyone involved, in any location - at home, a favourite venue, a care facility, outside in nature.

It's Your Life to Celebrate!

You want to join with family and friends, and be present for and participate in a celebration of your own unique life. Why not have a chance to give meaning to your own life and hear your loved ones and co workers pay tribute to you? You have made a difference in the world!  Be part of planning that special time or hand it over to a trusted person and just enjoy the result.  

Sonia Beverley will help you and your family design a ceremony for whatever kind of event you choose, whether a personal and private reflection, an intimate family celebration, or a party.


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“I woke up and realized life is great and people are awesome and life is worth living.”
Hulk Hogan